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The Last Guardian Has Gone Gold! Ten Years in the Making

Team Ico’s The Last Guardian has gone gold. This news has been reported by some NeoGAF users, who shared a tweet (now deleted) about this question.

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The Last Guardian follows the story of a young boy and a creature called Trico, both trapped in an ancient castle. They don’t get along at the beginning, but they’ll understand to need each other for escaping.

The Last Guardian was Shown during E3 2009 and it was scheduled to release for Sony’s PlayStation 3. Unfortunately, Team Ico had a lot of problems during development and this game has been delayed multiple times.

Anyway, it was eventually re-announced for PlayStation 4 and it is now about to reach the stores within few months.

So The Last Guardian has gone gold and Team Ico’s fans will love this new trailer shared some days ago. It shows Team Ico’s path from Shadow Of The Colossus to The Last Guardian. Please, enjoy the video down here.

There’s a lot of talking about this game since its features are still unknown, but thanks to the ESRB Rating System we can know something more about this game.

The Rating System states this game has been registered as an action-adventure one and it will feature some puzzle quests in which Trico’s help will be crucial. But things are even harder than you can think, as soldiers will attack both the protagonist and Trico. In this kind of situation, Trico will be able to strike these soldiers with attacks coming from its tail. Specific actions will be showed by cutscenes, containing blood as well.

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The Last Guardian is releasing on December 09, 2016 in the UK and Ireland, and on December 07, 2016 across Europe.