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Shadow Warrior 2 Sales Are 4X Higher Than First Shadow Warrior Remake

Shadow Warrior 2 sales are four times as good as the first Shadow Warrior game in the remake series, which came out in 2013. Shadow Warrior 2 only came out last week, but has already become the biggest launch of Flying Wild Hog and Devolver Digital, and the game has also met critical acclaim from critics and gamers alike.

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While the first Shadow Warrior game in the remake series still got positive reviews (it currently holds around a 73 rating on Metacritic), the sequel has gotten around an 8.6 from IGN, with critics praising its humor, action, and the variety of weapons and loot that you get from the game, which includes 76 different weapons unlike the set ones that you got from the first game.

Another positive addition that likely helped Shadow Warrior 2 sales is the addition of co-op, where up to four players can all play in one game to work their way through the story. This, coupled with the series’s trademark dumb and self-referential humor, likely keeps players laughing through the whole story.

The Shadow Warrior 2 sales being four times higher than the first Shadow Warrior remake is even more impressive considering that Flying Wild Hog is a fairly small studio for making a game of this quality, having only 75 people on its staff. Then again, Devolver Digital also has a good reputation for publishing games made by small teams of people that still turn out to not only be quality, but also hilarious.

If you would like to add to the Shadow Warrior 2 sales, it’s available for Playstation 4, Xbox One, PC, Linux, and Mac. With such a wide variety of available platforms, not to mention the co-op and wide variety of weapons, it’s a worthwhile purchase if you’re willing to shell out the forty dollars that you need to pay for it.