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Nintendo Switch Reveal Trailer Reached 10 Million Views

Nintendo finally revealed the NX project and they did it with a release trailer posted on YouTube. The Nintendo Switch Reveal Trailer was a huge success as it reached something like 10 million views in one single day.

This Nintendo Switch Reveal Trailer can be found here.

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The rumors were true as Nintendo Switch is a hybrid console that can be connected to TV and used as a home console, switching to portable device in few seconds.

The interesting part of it all is game pads can be detached from Nintendo Switch and used multiple ways, featuring local multiplayer and more.

So, Nintendo keeps fighting for real fun and local multiplayer, something that we can’t even rememeber since few games can be played without internet connection.

However, as the trailer showcases Splatoon, a lot of people wondered if Nintendo Switch will ever be able to play games coming from previous consoles like Wii U and Nintendo 3DS.

Of course Nintendo got to know players’ thoughts and during an interview with Famitsu, the company talked about these questions.

According to what Nintendo said, Switch won’t be able to support old games with a backwards compatibility program because this device has nothing to do with previous consoles. Anyhow, old games can still be downloaded and played without any problem.

Moreover, Nintendo stated that the battery timing for Switch is very long, since this consoles was made to let people play hours without worrying to charge the battery.

The hype is growing day by day and we are very curious to see how the whole thing comes out.

In the meanwhile, you can know that Nintendo Switch is releasing in March 2017.