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Overwatch eSports League Announced!

Since Overwatch’s release, this game has always been linked to eSports. Its nature, both casual and challenging at the same time, makes this game perfect for competitive matches and leagues. Blizzard never hosted an eSports League for Overwatch so far, but things are going to change as CEO Bobby Kotick told Blizzard is going to make an official Overwatch eSports League.

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Further informations hasn’t been shared, but we strongly believe there will be more about Overwatch eSports League during the BlizzCon 2016.

Besides Overwatch eSports League, there’s a lot of interest in what Blizzard is planning for Overwatch.

Blizzard’s Jeff Kaplan talked a lot about new features coming to this game. He said that they are going to improve Symmetra, a support character not so loved by the players. Moreover, new maps featuring new game mods will be added to Overwatch but we haven’t any clue about it. Last but not least, new characters will make their way to the roster and one of them may be Sombra.

This character has been discussed for a long time, not knowing if it was real or not, and some hidden clues were maybe found in a pic taken from the Xbox Store. Picture available down here.

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Anyhow, porn is a big part of the Overwatch strange world. People fell in love with Overwatch’s female characters and Brazzers took this chance as a porn parody of Overwatch is in development.

This parody features Danny (Parody of Reaper) fighting with Aleta (Parody of the Widowmaker) and an “interesting” trailer is available.

Overwatch is out for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PCs.