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New Nintendo Switch Rumor Claims Console is Region-Free

A new Nintendo Switch rumor that recently came out is claiming that Nintendo’s newest console will be region-free, allowing games that are made for it, no matter where they were developed, to be bought all over the world and played without having to worry about any workarounds.

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The rumor came from well-known Nintendo insider Emily Rogers, who reported the region-free rumor on her Twitter page. However, she did point out that Nintendo had yet to confirm anything of the sort, so we may not get a region-free Nintendo Switch after all.

Region-locking games normally prevents people in other regions of the world from playing games from other areas. For instance, a game that’s region-locked to Japan and Asia would be unable to be played in North America, unless you picked up a console that had been made in Japan and thus able to play those games, or had access to third-party software.

If the new Nintendo Switch rumor is true and the console is in fact not region-locked, then players will be able to play every single game developed for it, regardless of where they live in the world. If the rumor is true, the Nintendo Switch will be the first console made by Nintendo to be completely region-free, which will allow Nintendo fans everywhere to be able to play games that were even made exclusively overseas.

Whether or not the new Nintendo Switch rumor turns out to be true and the console is indeed region-free, we’ll just have to see what the policies are when the console releases next March. Once that happens, then we’ll be able to see if the Nintendo Switch is indeed region-free. If it is, then that’s good for all of the other gamers around the world that might want to play games that normally wouldn’t be made for certain regions. If it is region-locked then nothing will change.