Half Life 2 Is Backwards Compatible On Xbox One Along With Portal and TF2

Half Life 2, Portal and Team Fortress 2 are now playable on Xbox One as the complete Orange Box is now part of the backwards compatibility program.

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It has been announced by Xbox UK through their official Twitter profile.

“The Orange Box is now playable on Xbox One via Backward Compatibility”

Besides Half Life 2, the whole Half Life series get always joked because of the question regarding the never releasing Half Life 3. In fact, fans of the series got trolled at Gamescom as a giant Half Life 3 poster was found next to the other games.

The poster’s main title stated “Half Life: 3 developers who played it back then”, but only the words “Half Life 3” were highlighted, so the fans thought it really was something concerning the franchise.

Anyway, this is not even the first time people have joked about this game.

Months ago, a fake Gabe Newell announced on Twitter that Half Life 3 was in development, trolling a lot of people. After that, this man made other profiles to spread the word, but it was clear it was a joke.

But why this happens?

People started demanding for Half Life 3 right after the second chapter hit the stores, but Gabe Newell didn’t know what to do. Within a decade, a lot of interviews has been released and Newell changed his mind every time as Valve didn’t really want to risk everything because of a third chapter.

So there are few possibilities to see this game released.