ESL Tournaments Can Now Be Played Directly On Your Playstation 4

ESL tournaments, organized by the ESL Gaming Network, will now be able to be played directly on your Playstation 4, according to an announcement earlier today by ESL themselves. ESL is an eSports gaming company that organizes tournaments all over the world, and it’s the oldest eSports company still going.

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The ESL tournaments app, which has already been put on the Xbox One, will be integrated into the Playstation 4’s dashboard, and will encompass a variety of games that are on the competitive circuit. These games include Mortal Kombat X, World Rally Championship 5, Project Cars, and NBA 2K17. All of these are, so far, only available for 1 on 1 tournaments, rather than via teams. More integration of games and better modes for them will be coming, depending on the reception the tournaments get.

You’ll also be able to tell what tournaments are coming up via the ESL app, and you’ll even be able to make some of your own, so you and your friends can make tournaments yourself and compete to see who’s the best at a particular game.

In order to participate in these new ESL tournaments, all you have to do is log in (or make an account) to ESL on your Playstation. Then, you’ll be able to enter tournaments and play them on your Playstation 4.

With the tournaments now coming to people’s home consoles, players will be able to focus entirely on the tournaments, without the sort of distractions that come with the surroundings of other competitive gaming tournaments.

If ESL continues to put more games and game modes into the games that it runs in its eSports scene, players may soon be able to play things like Call of Duty, Battlefield, and other fighting games like Street Fighter 5, King of Fighters 14, and Tekken.

The addition of an ESL tournaments app could even help players to connect with more people, and add other fighting circuits and tournaments for players to use without having to go to various events.