Bungie Dated The Destiny Rise Of Iron’s Bad Juju, Thorn, Red Death Ornaments

Bungie still has not confirmed its Halloween event, the only thing confirmed right now that it will happen. While we wait for the event, Bungie has released some new pictures of the new Exotic weapon Ornaments in its weekly update blog post.

The developers have revealed that what players can expect from the the next range of ornaments to arrive for their favorite Exotics. The two ornaments for Bad Juju will arrive with the return if Festival Of The Lost, which is the Halloween event without a date.

Red Death and Thorn will also be getting new ornaments, but they will arrive in winter rather than on the Halloween event. While Bungie has revealed these exotics with new ornaments, but the developers has also warned that these are “still in development, and very well could change before you have a chance to acquire and equip them”.

Also, The Last Word and Black Spindle will also be getting new ornaments before this year end, but no specific date was announced. There might be a possibility that these ornaments for The Last Word and Black Spindle might arrive with the return of Sparrow Racing League.

While no details have been officially revealed for the Destiny Halloween event, but recently the details regarding the event leaked. The leak came after the Destiny’s latest patch, and the event will being completely new items to the game along with updated ones.

Rise Of Iron is the last expansion released for Destiny, however, it far from a perfect one as there are still some glitches that are causing trouble for players. Recently, a glitch prevented a top Destiny clan from being the first to finish the raid in Hard mode.

Destiny is a first person shooter developed by Bungie for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.