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Tom Clancy’s The Division Update 1.4 Scheduled For 25th October Release

During the latest State of the Game broadcast on Twitch, Ubisoft Massive revealed the release date of the highly anticipated The Division update 1.4. The patch to fix so many things wrong with the MMO shooter will be available on 25th October.

While there is no fixed download size given for The Division update 1.4 yet, the patch is expected to be around 5GB although the size may vary from platform to platform. The update will go live on Tuesday after the 3-hour maintenance period starting at 9.30 CET.

No final patch notes for the update are available yet but according to Community Manager gabelikes, the recent week 4 Global Patch notes from the PTS are pretty much the final deal, although there will be some changes to them and the final notes will be released with the update.

The Division update 1.4 is considered by many as the last chance for Ubisoft Massive to fix the MMO shooter that was launched earlier this year under the Tom Clancy brand umbrella.

Not only does the update target thousands of bug fixes, it is also focused on making the game fun and more approachable, especially when it comes to end-game/post level 30 content. To that end, the game also recently adopted a new Destiny-like endgame leveling experience.

Some of the biggest changes coming to the game in update 1.4 includes the new World Tiers system. Players can select one from a total of 4 tiers to play in, each with its own difficulty and corresponding rewards as listed below:

  • Tier 1: enemy lvl30, gear score rewards 163
  • Tier 2: enemy lvl31, gear score rewards 182, unlocks Challenge difficulty, unlocks Incursions
  • Tier 3: enemy lvl32, gear score rewards 204
  • Tier 4: enemy lvl33, gear score rewards 229

Time to kill enemy NPCs has been reduced as well alongside numerous AI fixes, especially when it comes to Shotgun rushers who dealt extremely high damage even at long range.

The massive (no pun intended) Global patch notes post can be seen here on the forums in order to be prepared for the new and hopefully reinvigorated game experience.