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Pokemon Sun and Moon Won’t Have Gyms and HMs

Nintendo has confirmed that Pokemon Sun and Moon won’t feature gyms and HMs. Instead, both of these features are being replaced.

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Pokemon Sun and Moon would be shaking things up, which was expected after the reveal of Island Challenge Trials. Since its reveal, it was being speculated that Pokemon Sun and Moon may drop gyms. The Island Challenge Trial will replace Gyms.

The Island Challenge Trial will replace Gyms.

However, for now, it is not clear exactly how this will work and help us level up over Pokemon. Presumably, you will complete different challenges to raise the level. That’s not all, HMs are also scrapped and replaced by something called Poke Ride.

You won’t be teaching HMs to Pokemon in Pokemon Sun and Moon, instead, all such features will be taken over by Poké Ride. We will know more about these features in the coming days.

Pokémon Sun and Moon will launch worldwide on November 18 for Nintendo 3DS.

On a related subject, Nintendo is set to reveal its NX console later today. The company announced on its official Twitter Page.

We were expecting Nintendo to host a Nintendo Direct but it seems for now we may just be teased. The Twitter page mentioned a “trailer” rather than a full-blown briefing on the device.

Nintendo NX is rumored to be using cartridges and is console/handheld hybrid. We’ll have to wait and see just what Nintendo has in stored for us.

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Source: Gamnesia