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PlayStation VR Currently Works With PornHub

Porn plus VR is a very strong and strange combination. Since the very first release of the virtual reality devices, one of the most common topic was how to make them work wih porn, something people have actually succeeded in doing. In fact, PornHub has recently revealed that their 360-degree videos are fully compatible with Sony’s PlayStation VR.

To enjoy these PornHub videos with your VR, you’ll have to download and put them on your PS4. After that, you’ll only have to open the media player and have fun.

Anyway, this method can be kinda frustrating and even Pornhub vice president Corey Price isn’t happy about it.

He said that the PS VR is lacking of some of the most common VR-video formats and it doesn’t have features like browser support for VR as it’s hard for PS4 users to enjoy VR contents via web. So at this moment, the main competitors of PS VR are the better options to visit websites like PornHub and enjoy good old porn without having to directly download the video and stuff like that.

However it seems PS VR can be used on Xbox One too.

Redditor Redregeddon had the courage to try this device with the Microsoft console to see if it works. According to him, you just have to plug the VR and play, but Polygon stated that the result is not that good.

The video quality is poor and the sound not good either, so it’s better not to try to make this device work with other consoles as Windows PCs can’t even recognize it.

By the way, the PlayStation VR is out and its sales are doing good all over the world. We’ll see how Sony will support it within the next months.