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Nintendo NX Reveal Set For Tomorrow, Official Announcement Made

Nintendo NX reveal is finally happening, according to the official Nintendo of America Twitter page. The company mentioned that NX would be shown Tomorrow morning at 7AM.

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We were expecting Nintendo to host a Nintendo Direct but it seems for now we may just be teased. The Twitter page mentioned a “trailer” rather than a full-blown briefing on the device.

The reveal should finally let us know what this device is about and what it would offer the community. However, we have a feeling that Nintendo is going to keep teasing for a few days, maybe weeks, before it holds a Nintendo Direct to properly discuss Nintendo.

There have been so many rumors and leaks about Nintendo NX that it is next to impossible right now to figure out what this device would be like. We have been told that Nintendo NX will use cartridges, it would be a hybrid of console and handheld and much more.

In fact, just yesterday we came across something that claimed that Wii U owners will get a 90% discount on Nintendo NX. It is absurd to think Nintendo would do something like that but hey, its the internet, right?

Nintendo NX reveal is set for 7AM tomorrow morning. Check back with us later to find out what actually is, Nintendo NX.

What are you expecting NX to be? Do you think Nintendo can bring something special for us?