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League of Legends 2017 Season Update Changes Detailed

With the 2016 season about to end on 7th November, Riot has put up a new webpage highlighting the changes coming to the game in League of Legends 2017 season update.

As expected, the summary update containing all the new additions and tweaks planned for the League of Legends 2017 season update, is full of content that can be a real job to break down. Some of the highlighted new features which Riot has promised will be made available in the new season are replays and practice mode.

Riot is also going back on their decision to remove Solo/Duo queue made earlier this year. Not only will the 2017 season bring back Solo/Duo queue but also morph the Dynamic Queue into Flex Queue. This new queue mode is basically designed for premade teams of 5 players who want to play in a competitive environment.

Probably the feature most fans will be excited about are replays. Riot originally promised replay capability in the early days of the game and fans are finally getting the functionality in League of Legends 2017 season update.

The League of Legends game client will also be going through a big overhaul instead of constant small renovations. The new client will be launched in open beta state, available for everyone to download, during the pre-season phase.

A pop up will appear in the League of Legends client during pre-season, clicking on which will allow players to switch to the new client. They can also switch between the legacy client and the new client whenever they want.

The season will also see big changes being made to Assassins in the game with abilities such as Parkour for Talon being added for better terrain movement.

The full list and details of upcoming changes can be seen here. The League of Legends 2017 season is scheduled to begin on 6th December, the pre-season changes will start dropping in between 7th November and 6th December.