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Destiny Halloween Event Details Leaked, Will Add New Items Along With Updated Ones

Last week Bungie teased the Destiny Halloween event, but the developer did not revealed any details. However, the event is pretty much confirmed, thanks to a leak by The Ishtar Collective.

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The leak came after the Destiny’s latest patch, and the leak reveals some new items, and some already existing items but updated ones for the Destiny Halloween event. Checkout the leaked items below.

New Items:

  • Bad Dream (Consumable)
  • Chromatic Jackolyte (Consumable)
  • Crawl of Creeps (Consumable)
  • Gifts of the Lost (Consumable)
  • Sleepless Gaze (Consumable)
  • Stroke of Midnight (Consumable)
  • Treasures of the Lost (Consumable)
  • Whim of Rahool (Consumable)
  • Howl (Emote)
  • Terrify (Emote)
  • Deviled Ghost (Ghost)
  • Aksis Mask (Head)
  • Firewolf Mask (Head)
  • Ghost Mask (Head)
  • Lost Prince Mask (Head)
  • Revenant Mask (Head)
  • Saladin Mask (Head)
  • SIVA Mask (Head)
  • Wolf Mask (Head)
  • Dragonsbane (Mod)
  • Hoodoom (Mod)
  • A Brilliant Idea (Quest)
  • Deeds of Fire (Quest)
  • Find Another Audience (Quest)
  • Lethal Masquerade (Quest)
  • Mask Task (Quest)
  • Return to Eva Levante (Quest)
  • Speak to Eva Levante (Quest)
  • Talk to Eva Levante (Quest)
  • Team Effort (Quest)
  • Touring the Tower (Quest)
  • Triumphant Return (Quest)
  • Candlelight (Shader)
  • Sea of Tears (Shader)
  • Unquiet Spirit (Shader)
  • S-35 Jealousy (Vehicle)

Updated Items:

  • Flight of Shadows (Consumable)
  • Ascendant Raisins (Consumable)
  • Atheon Mask (Head)
  • Skull Mask (Head)
  • Crota Mask (Head)
  • Cryptarch Mask (Head)
  • Eris Morn Mask (Head)
  • Exotic Engram Mask (Head)
  • Legendary Engram Mask (Head)
  • Oryx Mask (Head)
  • Petra Venj Mask (Head)
  • Rare Engram Mask (Head)
  • Skolas Mask (Head)
  • Speaker Mask (Head)
  • Tiger Mask (Head)
  • Traveler Mask (Head)
  • Uncommon Engram Mask (Head)
  • Warden Mask (Head)
  • Xûr Mask (Head)
  • Horn Relay (Material)
  • Paper Glue (Material)

Rise Of Iron is the last expansion released for Destiny, however, it far from a perfect one as there are still some glitches that are causing trouble for players. Recently, a glitch prevented a top Destiny clan from being the first to finish the raid in Hard mode.

Destiny is a first person shooter developed by Bungie for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.