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Watch the New Trailer for Xbox One: the Best-Selling Console in America

Things are doing pretty good for Xbox One. This console surely didn’t start in a proper way as fans preferred PlayStation 4 due to the more powerful hardware and the exclusive games Sony Branded. However, Microsoft managed to get up and release Xbox One S as a lot of people changed their mind about this console, and sales are proving it. So Microsoft has gained more self-confidence, releasing a new trailer for the so called best-selling console in America.

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This video focuses on the Xbox One S’ strenghts, such as HDR, 100 console exclusives, 4K Blu-ray and 4K Streaming. The already talked video is available down here.

By the way, even if within the last months Xbox One literally outsold PS4, becoming the best-selling console in America, there are still people claiming Microsoft can’t stay at the top.

One of these is the famous and crazy analyst Michael Pachter. He said that Microsoft suffers from an inferiority complex and will never be able to succeed.

I don’t know if Microsoft really cares about being the second choice. In my opinion, it is only important for them to sell the right number of consoles, even if that means not winning the competition with Sony. It seems they have an inferiority complex right now as they aren’t really able to do the most important step.


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