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Developers Explain Why Pokemon Sun and Moon Mega Evolution Is Only Post-Game

Game Freak and Nintendo changed the dynamic in Pokemon last generation when Pokemon X and Y came up with the concept of “Mega Evolution”, allowing Pokemon to temporarily assume new forms with new typings with the help of special stones. Unfortunately, Pokemon Sun and Moon Mega Evolution won’t be playing as big of a role in the story.

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According to the Twitter Q&A session that’s being overseen by Junichi Masuda and Shigeru Ohmori, Mega Evolution is being sidelined temporarily for the Z-moves that have been promoted in Pokemon Sun and Moon’s trailers. Rather than taking on new forms for more power, Pokemon in Sun and Moon will be able to make use of a new piece of jewelry to use a once-per-battle attack.

However, that doesn’t mean that Pokemon Sun and Moon Mega Evolutions aren’t going to be featured in the game at all; according to the game’s official website, Pokemon will still be able to Mega Evolve in Sun and Moon, but it will only be in the post-game.

Then, players will be able to travel the Alola Region hunting for Mega Stones to make their Pokemon Mega Evolve. Other Mega Stones will be purchasable from shops or given to you by people.

While it’s likely that there won’t be any new Pokemon Sun and Moon Mega Evolution Pokemon, players will still be able to power up their Pokemon even further after they complete the game’s main story as one more thing that we’ll be able to do when everything we do in the game has been completed, and will allow you a new dimension of strategy when you battle your friends online.

Pokemon Sun and Moon will be coming out in around a month’s time, but until then players can now download the free demo off of the Nintendo eShop.