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League of Legends Death Reported In Brazil After Player Dies By Self-Choking

A League of Legends death was reported in Brazil recently after a League of Legends player by the name of Gustavo Detter committed inadvertent suicide after losing a game of League. His teammates, blaming him for the loss, persuaded him to choke himself in order to make up for the loss, but he fell unconscious and later died in a hospital.

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Detter, who was only 13 years old, had often participated in this sort of game with his team, who often persuaded each other to play the “choking game” whenever they lost a match depending on whose fault it supposedly was that they lost the game.

So far São Vincente police are investigating Gustavo’s death. Whether Gustavo’s friends will face any consequences for this League of Legends death remain to be seen, but considering that encouraging someone to commit suicide (even if the original intent wasn’t to have them kill themselves) is a crime, they may be looking at some time in prison if the police decide to charge them.

While rare, League of Legends death reports have actually happened even before this. Players have died due to malnourishment after grinding for hours without taking the time to feed themselves, while in another incident in China a mother and son committed suicide after an argument over the game.

This isn’t even taking into account how other players harass and verbally bully opponents or other players.

The League of Legends community does have a reputation for toxicity that isn’t undeserved, but at the same time I feel the need to stress that even if you think you can handle playing the game for hours on end, don’t forget to feed yourself throughout the day, go to the bathroom, and sleep in between periods of play.

A game is not more important than your own life, and it’s especially not more important than a friend’s life, no matter what you think.