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New Horizon Zero Dawn Screenshots Reveal More Robotic Life And Areas

Guerilla Games have released yet another batch of Horizon Zero Dawn screenshots, as if the wait for the game wasn’t already unbearable enough.

Courtesy of Amazon, these new Horizon Zero Dawn screenshots show a more diverse robotic life than before as well as more biomes and beautiful locations. We also get another look at the protagonist Aloy and the weapons and tools at her disposal.

Guerilla Games recently talked about why their game had to be an RPG instead of their usual shooter formula which they are pretty proficient in as demonstrated by their other games such as the Killzone franchise.

Since Horizon Zero Dawn is an open world game, some of the side activities included in the game were also explored recently including challenges, random quest appearances and Corruption Zones.

Despite having established themselves as really good developers and having the honor of creating one of the well-received launch titles of PS4, Guerilla Games still has a lot riding on the success of Horizon Zero Dawn.

Not only is the game a new avenue for them, it is also their biggest project to date which is why the game has seen some delays to make sure the launch is perfect. According to the development team, Horizon Zero Dawn is four times more complex and bigger than any previous Killzone game they have worked on.

Horizon Zero Dawn is scheduled to be released on 28th February 2017 exclusively on PS4 and PS4 Pro. However, despite having more powerful hardware and the game releasing after the launch of the platform, the PS4 Pro version will not run at native 4K.

According to the art director, Jan-Bart Van Beek, of Horizon Zero Dawn the game will be running very close to native 4K that people won’t be able to tell the difference. The game will however still feature HDR capability.