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A Bug Prevented Top Destiny Clan From Being The First To Fish Destiny Rise Of Iron Raid In Hard Mode

Bugs and glitches are nothing new to game industry, and while some glitches can be exploited by players to their advantages, some glitches just prevent players to progress or become the first to finish Destiny Rise Of Iron raid in hard mode.

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Top Destiny clan, Redeem, holds the record to be the first to finish the Wrath Of The Machine raid in normal mode. However, they could have also been the first to complete the raid in hard mode if not for a glitch in the game. The clan was about to finish the raid when about 24:04 mark in the video below, the team encountered the glitch.

As Eurogamer explains it, one of the player went a little too far ahead and crossed a invisible line or wall in the game, and the game interpreted it as the players have cheated. This caused the game to load from the last checkpoint and made the clan to replay the previous encounter, even though they had completed it.

While this glitch added six more minuted to their run, in the meantime German clan Die Busfahrer became the first to to finish Destiny Rise Of Iron glitch on hard mode.

  • Clan Die Busfahrer 2:45:55
  • Clan The Legend Himself 2:47:44
  • Clan Redeem 2:49:52

The clan was obviously frustrated by this but still they remained sporting in their defeat and congratulated Clan Die Busfahrer on their win.

This was our first run throughout the WoTM Hard Mode. GGs to Clan Die Busfahrer aka The Bus Drivers for getting world-first Hard Mode WoTM. […] We got world-third, behind The Legend Himself.

While the Rise Of Iron is the last expansion released for Destiny, Bungie has now fully focusing on Destiny 2.