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Only 50,000 PlayStation VR Units Shipped to Japan for Launch

Sony’s PlayStation VR stock ran out in the UK and it wasn’t easy finding a unit in North America as well. Sony shipped a significant amount of PlayStation VR Units to different regions but they weren’t enough as Amazon was not able to fulfill all of its pre-orders.

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However, the situation is different in Japan.

According to the latest report, Sony only shipped 50,000 PlayStation VR units in Japan for its launch. This isn’t a surprise at all, Japan is not the strongest market for Sony right now.

PlayStation 4 released in 2014 and since then it sold around 3.3 million units in the country. It is a wise decision to not over stock to the country with PlayStation VR units.

PlayStation VR is now available to consumers around the world and Sony’s next quarterly financials will be very interesting to look at. Of course, we can not expect the device to start generating a massive profit. However, console market is open for Sony as Microsoft is not offering any type of VR device for the time being.

Moreover, if Sony ever decides to make PlayStation VR work with PCs, it can potentially dent Oculus Rift and HTC VIVE which are much more expensive VR solutions.

VIVE and Oculus Rift combined with a VR ready PC can cost up to $2000. Meanwhile, the cost can be brought down significantly due to PlayStaton VR’s reasonable price tag.

Do you think Sony should add PC support for PlayStation VR.

Source: 4Gamer