World Of Final Fantasy Demo Is Now Available On PS4

Grab your pad and turn on your console, World Of Final Fantasy demo is now available for PlayStation 4 users!

If you want to download it, here you can find the link referring to your console.

American Version: PlayStation 4.

European Version: PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita.

Unfortunately the World Of Final Fantasy demo isn’t available yet for PlayStation Vita users who live in the North America. Probably it will be released as soon as possible, especially since the full game will be released within the next weeks.

World Of Final Fantasy story focuses on the siblings Lann and Reynn, whose memory has been lost. They’ll have to travel to Grymoire, a fantastic land in which Final Fantasy’s characters co-exist with various enemies and monsters coming from different chapters of the series.

This game aim is to bring a younger audience closer to the franchise, featuring a different design for the characters and a light tone.

If you succeed in finishing the World of Final Fantasy demo, you’ll be also given the chance to import your save data to the full World of Final Fantasy game and unlock the Magitek Armor P.

However, this game is very different from the previous chapter of the Final Fantasy franchise and it’s difficult to say if it will stand up to the fans expectations.

But it’s your turn now. What do you think about this game? Will it be an interesting add to the franchise? Share your thoughts within the comments below!

World of Final Fantasy will be released in October. Specifically World Of Final Fantasy is set to launch on October 25 in North America, October 27 in Japan, and October 28 in Europe for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.