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Square Enix Responds To Rockstar’s Red Dead Teaser With Its Own Artwork

Recently Rockatar Games shared artwork through their official Twitter account, and since there have been many speculations that the developer is about to reveal the next Red Dead game. Speculations aside, Final Fantasy XV developer Square Enix has also taken notice of Rockstar’s art and has responded in their own way.

Following the release of the Rockatar’s art, Square Enix has responded to it with their own Red Dead artwork. The Red Dead Artwork from Square Enix is almost the same except the cowboys from the original artwork have been replaced with Final Fantasy XV’s characters.

Prior to the artwork, Rockstar also shared a couple of images on its social media channels that are strongly hinting at an upcoming Red Dead Redemption 2 reveal. Also since the reveal of these images and the artwork, fans waiting for the next Red Dead game have expressed their excitement on almost every social media channel.

It seems that Rockstar is preparing to reveal its next game in the coming days and we couldn’t be more excited. was rumored to be present during the PlayStation Meeting but it never showed. Similar rumors were floating around ahead of E3. In fact, credible sources confirmed the game’s reveal at E3 but the title was reportedly removed from Sony’s press event.

So what do you think of Square Enix’s take on the Rockstar’s artwork? Do you think Rockstar is going to reveal the next Red Dead games? Let us know in the comments.