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Red Dead Online Domain Pops Up Following Artwork Tease By Rockstar

Recently, Rockstar has been teasing its fans by revealing new artwork and images. While the company has not specified the game the artwork is for, the overall art style suggests that Rockstar is about to reveal the next Red Dead game, and now a domain related to Read Dead has popped up, and is registered by none other than Take Two Interactive.

The registered domain is “REDDEAD.ONLINE”, however, as of now the site is dead. Also the interesting part of this domain is that, it was registered by Take Two Interactive on August 26, 2015, more than a year from now, and it seems that the next Red Dead game has been in development for quite some time, or the company could have registered it that no one else would take it.

The domain is obviously hinting towards the online component of the upcoming Red Dead game, or there is also a possibility that developers are only developing an online only multiplayer game based on Red Dead franchise.

While Rockstar has not confirmed that any Red Dead game is in development, but there are many things that hints towards it. According to Hugh Langley, Red Dead Redemption 2 trailer will be out as early as Thursday, and also said that Rockstar might drop the reveal trailer even earlier.

He also mentioned that, while the game will be revealed in this week, fans will not get to play the game before 2018.

Rockstar first updated its profile pictures on social media channels, painting everything red. Later on, it dropped an artwork showing seven silhouettes of what appears to be a western gang.

The artwork featuring seven silhouettes certainly got everyone’s attention, including Square Enix’s, who has responded to the artwork in their own way. Square Enix released an artwork of their own, which is exactly the same except the cowboys from the original artwork have been replaced with Final Fantasy XV’s characters.

Do you think Rockstar is preparing to reveal the next Red Dead game? Let us know in the comments.