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Pokemon Sun And Moon Demo Leaked Most Of The Pokedex For The Final Game

The demo for Pokemon Sun And Moon is now available, and for some reason the demo contains a lot of data for the full game. This exact same thing happened with Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, and we assumed that Game Freak would be much more careful in the future. But the demo released today contains a lot of date for the final game and spoilers included.

If Game Freak were expecting that no one would bother to datamine the Pokemon Sun And Moon demo, then they are dead wrong, the demo has been datamined, and according to dataminers there will be 800 Pokemon in the final game.

Before I go further, be warned that past this point there are spoilers. So if you intend to purchase Pokemon Sun And Moon, then it is best you just stop right here.

Now there is a lot of information datamined from Pokemon Sun And Moon demo, but the most interesting one is the nature of the evolutions of the stater Pokemon. According to a dataminer, the starter Pokemon become significantly larger when evolved and their appearance matches the sketches that leaked few months ago.


Also the new bird type Pokemon, Pikipek, evolves something similar to that of a Toucan.

Also Game Freak has already shown up Alola form of the classic Meowth, and we already know that regular Meowth shows up in the game. This leak gives us the first look of the Alola form of Persian Meowth’s evolution. The Alola form of Persian Meowth seems a bit pale and somewhat resembles Garfield.

Also the entire line of Geodude evolution have grown some facial hair for some reason.

And that is just scratching the surface, as there is a lot of details about the final game that are included in the demo. One dataminer has found some variations of known monsters, such as Pikachu wearing a hat.

Now the most spoilery stuff, dataminers have also dug up some mysterious “ultra beasts” from Pokemon Sun And Moon demo. These Pokemon don’t look like the regular Pokemon, which gives some credibility to the theory that these Ultra Beasts are of completely different category.

Pokemon Sun And Moon is scheduled to arrive on November 18, 2016 for Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo 2DS.