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Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare Beta Glitch Lets Players Fly

This past weekend Activsion organized a beta for Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare exclusively for PlayStation 4. While the beta has ended, the internet is still talking about it, and mostly because of the bad things. Aside from what is good and bad in the beta, there was a glitch in the beta which was rather ridiculous.

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The glitch is actually in an interesting one as it lets players fly across the map. Checkout this ridiculous glitch in the video posted on Twitter by user Refine Evil.Infinite Warfare beta features Combat Rigs, each has different traits and payload, one of the Synaptic’s Payloads is called “Reaper”, which allows it to charge towards enemies. Through an exploit this can be used to remain in the air.

While the glitch lets players fly like a superhero, but it also leaves them vulnerable while doing so. However, use it properly and it can be used to sneak up on enemies.

Infinity Ward has taken notice of this glitch, and has promised that this glitch will be fixed soon.

While the beta held this past weekend was exclusive to PlayStation 4, Xbox One users will get their chance to get their hands on the beta this coming weekend October 21 along with PlayStation 4 users.

While the game is set to arrive next month, rumors regarding next year’s Call Of Duty has started to pop up on the internet. According to a recent rumor, Call Of Duty 2017 will be set in Vietnam between 1955 and 1975. If this rumor has some credibility, then it makes sense since many fans have raised concerns over the futuristic approach of Activsion towards the franchise.

Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare is scheduled to launch on November 4, 2016 for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.