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Beyond Good and Evil 2 Might Not Be A Sequel

Beyond Good and Evil is a good old game that we all remember and there’s been a lot of talk about its possibile sequel. However, Beyond Good and Evil 2 won’t be a sequel, but a remake of the first chapter.

It has been stated by LetsPlayVideoGames, whose unknown source is sure that this game will be a remake.

According to this source, this new Beyond Good and Evil game will tell Jade’s origin again, focusing on Peyj’s backstory and going on this way. This sequel won’t interfere with the series, but it will help new players to easily understand the story, while the old players will be able to have a better vision of it all.

Moreover, this game will be probably be a Nintendo NX exclusive and it will be released in summer 2018 worldwide.

However, Michel Ancel, creator of the series, has recently shared an interesting art on his official Instagram account and it could possibly refer to Beyond Good and Evil 2.

The pic was published with no hashtags and description, so Ancel basically wanted it to be a surprise for the fans of Beyond Good and Evil. Moreover, in this pic we can see an unknown character and a young Pey’J. Because of this, a lot of people started saying it will be a prequel rather than a remake.

Beyond Good and Evil 2

Of course, at the moment we do not have enough elements to say what this game will be, but it will be something amazing for sure.

Anyway, what would you like to see in “Beyond Good and Evil 2”? New characters? A better gameplay? Share your thoughts within the comments below!