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Battlefield 1 Tips and Strategies Guide – PTFO, Class Roles, Squads, Customization

Battlefield 1 Tips and Strategies Guide to help you become a better player, play as a part of the team, and perform better in multiplayer matches.

It goes without saying that Battlefield 1 is very different from the likes of Call of Duty and Halo. The game requires teamwork and you cannot rely on a single player to carry the entire game – kills are important, but objectives are far more significant.

Battlefield Tips and Strategies Guide

It is paramount that you know your role in the game, communicate with your teammates, fulfil your role, and play the objective to be more successful at the game.

In our Battlefield 1 Tips and Strategies Guide, we have outlined some useful tips to help you become a better player, especially if you are new to Battlefield franchise.


It is a general consensus in the Battlefield community that PTFO is the most important thing in the game. In case you are new to the franchise, PTFO stands for “Play the Fu***ing Objective” and its importance cannot be undermined. It is virtually impossible in Battlefield 1 to score a win if you are not focusing on the objective.

Believe me, you do not want to be that guy who wanders off alone with a sniper rifle and is 20-5 at the end of a lost match. Multiplayer modes in the game require you capture points, defend your flags, break down enemy lines, etc. If your team is pushing towards an objective, try to help them with the best of your abilities.

If you see a contested objective, try to head in with a squad which brings us to the second point.

Squad Communication

Playing the game with the squad is of paramount importance in the game. As mentioned earlier, you do not want to be the guy who constantly runs around the field… doing nothing but dying. Even if you manage to score a few kills, it is not as good as sticking with your squad.

When playing with the squad, you must understand and play in accordance with your class. Throw down ammo, medkits, charge in, provide support fire – depending on the class you are playing. We have discussed the roles of each class in the game. Make sure to check them out for a better understanding of how to play each class.

Class Roles

As I have already mentioned, you need to play the game according to the class you are running. 50% of the team running Scout Class will always be outperformed by the team with different classes who communicate and perform their duties well.

It is highly recommended that you choose one class and then stick to it unless you have completely mastered it. Not only this will allow you to become better with all 6 classes in the game, but will also allow you to level up each class, unlock new equipment, and grant you with the ability to play in a number of situations.

Work on Your Aim

This goes out for all the classes in the game, but more for Scout Class. Snipers need to take shots from varying distances and must take into account the game’s bullet-drop mechanic. Ideally, you need to aim for the head, but anything above chest should allow you to get the kill in a couple of shots.

General Tips and Strategies

In addition to your Class Loadout, you should also try and customise your vehicles and see if you could find something worthwhile. It is important to understand that “Skip Revive” does not take you back into the game faster – the downtime between lives remains the same. However, by selecting this option, you negate the possibility of a teammate reviving you.

When approaching different objectives, always try to move from one cover to the other. This is something you must adopt as early as possible because decent snipers will take no time taking you out from a distance. Moreover, if possible, try to move using the vehicles. When moving from one cover to the other, make sure that no enemies are nearby and then use Bayonet Charge to cover large distances in a short period of time.

When it comes to ranking up classes, it is important to remember that you gain XP when out on the field. This is another reason why you need to put a huge emphasis on PTFO mantra as securing objectives and denying enemies objectives will definitely help you rank up a lot faster.

Since the maps in Battlefield 1 are huge, you need to learn all about them. Remember that there are not any fixed pathways leading to one objective. You can always flank and get inside, but then again, you need to good coordination with your teammates to let them know what you are up to – otherwise it is a waste of effort.

This is all we have on Battlefield 1 Tips and Strategies Guide. If there is anything else you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!