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Rockstar Games Shares Art from the Next Red Dead Game

We just hope it is not Rockstar Games presents Grand Theft Auto V Online – Western Gangs Update.

Rockstar Games has just shared an image that is possibly from the next Red Dead game. The art shows 7 silhouettes of what appears to be a western gang.

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The official Twitter page shared the following:

Yesterday, Rockstar Games updated its Facebook page profile picture and timeline cover. Both images also hint at the upcoming reveal of Red Dead Redemption 2 aka Red Dead 3.

Rockstar is preparing to reveal its next game in the coming days and we couldn’t be more excited. The title was rumored to be present during the event but it never showed. Similar rumors were floating around ahead of E3. In fact, credible sources confirmed the game’s reveal at E3 but the title was reportedly removed from Sony’s press event.

It is believed that Sony skipped showing the title due to the nature of the trailer. The reveal trailer showed shooting in a brothel/bar and due to what happened in Orlando just a few days prior to E3, Sony never showed the footage.

However, Sony has denied this and stated that such decisions are made months ahead of E3. Anyways, the reveal is getting closer by the minute to keep an eye for more news here at SegmentNext.

Rockstar Games should announce Red Dead 3 aka Red Dead Redemption 2 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One soon. We are also hoping to see a PC version this time around.

How are excited are you for Red Dead? Take to the comments and let us know.