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Red Dead Retribution is not the Name of the Next Red Dead Game

Next Red Dead Game is no called Red Dead Retribution!

Red Dead Retribution came up once again when a Reddit user created a fake source code image of Rockstar’s website. The person added the name Red Dead Retribution to the element and posted it.

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For about 12 hours the internet kept discussing the name but as it turns out, the image was fake. It is odd how the community took so much time to figure it out because Red Dead Retribution has popped up before and proven fake.

Red Dead Retribution is nothing but a fan made fake that was sent to Rockstar; a very detailed fake! In fact, its creator came up with a very interesting synopsis as well.

When Tala awakes after a ruthless attack on her village, she is barely alive. She must track down the murderers of her people and take back the land that was once theirs.

Rockstar is teasing an official announcement for the next Red Dead game so at this point we can not be sure what the game’s final title would be.

Rockstar Games updated its Facebook page profile picture and timeline cover. Both images hint at the upcoming reveal of Red Dead Redemption 2 aka Red Dead 3.

Rockstar Games should reveal something in the coming days so keep an eye out for information. Rumor has it that the next Red Dead game would also be released for PC. The first game was exclusive to consoles and never appeared on PC.

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