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Grab All Of The Exotic Chests And SIVA Clusters Without Defeating Any Boss With This Destiny Rise Of Iron Glitch

Rise Of Iron is the final expansion released for Destiny, and now the developers are completly focusing over Destiny 2. When Destiny Rise Of Iron launched there was a bug that let players skip one of the three bosses of the raid and still award them loot, now another Destiny Rise Of Iron glitch has been discovered and this one is far more interesting.

This new Destiny Rise Of Iron glitch lets players earn all the loot there is without actually to grind for it. Posted on Reddit, this glitch lets players to grab all the chests and SIVA clusters without beating any of the bosses in the raid.

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This Destiny Rise Of Iron glitch works for for every class in the raid. However, all classes have different requirement to get exploit this glitch. For Titan class players would be required to have Increased Height with Max Agility and Twilight Garrison.

For Hunter players will need Triple Jump with Bones of Eao and Max Agility and Warlock class will require Focused Control and Max Agility for the initial jumps.

You start from the raid entrance and climb up there. There’s a couple of tricky jumps that can take a little to get the hang of, but once you’re familiar with them they’re not too bad. On Titan it feels a little more difficult at some parts, but it’s easier to get more height. On Hunter the parts where you need maximum height is a little tricky (mainly just the jump from the pillar on the top of the entrance up), but the rest feel a lot easier. Both are capable of doing it however.

Once you get into the first jumping puzzle and grab the two chests, you’re unfortunately stuck. You’ll need to go to orbit and climb up to the same part again, but then take a slightly different path to progress further through.
Other than that it’s pretty straight forward, running on top of the jumping puzzles and following the path of the raid.

If you are thinking of exploiting this glitch, then we suggest you to do it quick as Bungie will be patching it soon.

While Bungie is done with releasing all expansions for Destiny, now the developers have moved on to the its sequel and according to a recent rumor, the Destiny 2 will be coming out for PC along with consoles.