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Diablo 4 Rumored To Make An Appearance At BlizzCon 2016

While Blizzard and the Diablo community has kept the game alive since its release in 2012, it seems a Diablo 3 sequel might already be in the works according to some new rumors. With BlizzCon 2016 set to begin on 4th November, these rumors regarding Diablo 4 have starting picking up.

According to a YouTuber, Rhykker, he was recently gifted a BlizzCon promo pack which contained some goodies from Blizzard, one of which was a D4, a four-sided die.

Now here is where things get interesting, turns out that instead of having three “1” s printed on the die like a normal four sided die does, this one had two “1” s and a single “4”.

Some might think that it might be a simple misprint but the fact that BlizzCon 2016 is set to start on 4th November, 4-11-2016, this apparent misprint can’t be chalked off to a mere coincidence.

There are also rumors that instead of a Diablo 4 game, Blizzard might unveil an HD remaster of Diablo 2, which is undoubtedly its most popular game in the Diablo franchise. Some recent reports suggested that David Brevik, the project lead, and Bill Roper, the senior producer, of Diablo 2 appeared at Blizzard California recently.

Brevik also made a cryptic tweet yesterday showing a picture of the Libra constellation.

Considering Blizzard’s commitment to its old games, as shown clearly by the recent update to Diablo 2, fans of Diablo 3 shouldn’t worry about the future of their game.

Blizzard still continues to add more features to the game and will definitely continue to do so in the future.

If Diablo 4 does end up being a reality and gets an official announcement during BlizzCon 2016, hopefully the game developers will learn from the mistakes of Diablo 3 and launch a product that closely resembles the current state of the Diablo 3 instead of what it was at launch.