Gaming Community Reacts to Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption 2 Tease

The moment Rockstar fans have been waiting for seems to be right around the corner. The developer has shared a couple of images on its social media channels that are strongly hinting at an upcoming Red Dead Redemption 2 reveal.

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That one color got the entire gaming community talking, speculating, and going nuts over Red Dead Redemption 2. Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, NeoGaf, pretty much every social hub has gone Red.

It gets to show just how big Rockstar is; the developer does not need E3, Gamescom, or any other platform to reach the gaming community.

The world is talking about Red Dead after just one Tweet and Facebook post!

And this guy who is threatening Rockstar Games..

The situation over at Facebook is pretty much the same as the community is in a frenzy over at Rockstar’s page.

Red Dead (1)

Red Dead (2)

You can also head over to Rockstar’s Facebook and Twitter pages and share your thoughts and views about their posts. We hope to hear an announcement soon, hopefully.