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Star Citizen Backers Can Try All The Ships Until October 17

Star Citizen will definitively make players happy, as Star Citizen Backers will able to try any ship they want in the game. This event will end on October 17th, 2016 so make sure to give a try to this game if you are courious to know how it feels to use different ships.

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However a lot of new stuff has been showed during the latest Citzencon. In particular, Star Citizen developers revealed that the single player mode will be called “Squadron 42” and will include 28 chapters with over 60 missions to be played. But you won’t be alone. There will be almost 340 speaking characters, featuring something like 40 spaceships.

Also it is now known that the game is based on procedural generation (hoping it won’t be a No Man’s Sky bis) and players will have the chance to dog fight in the atmosphere and in the open space.

By the way, single player missions are still under development and the team is planning to release the first part of the campaign within the next year.

Morover, during the Citizencon the development team also showed Star Citizen planetary demo that makes you see how the environment of the planet works, with some parts regarding the fighting module and the AI.

Hopefully, more content from Star Citizen will be released soon.

Star Citizen is actually under development at Cloud Imperium Games for Microsoft Windows and Linux.

Down here you can find the already quoted gameplay video showed during the Citizencon.