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New Civ 6 Trailer Shows New Greek Leader, Queen Gorgo of Sparta

The newest Civilization 6 trailer has shown off another new civilization leader, Queen Gorgo of Sparta. The wife of the Spartan king Leonidas (who fought and died at Thermopylae), Gorgo embodied Spartan values and was praised for her good council. Her prestige is even more surprising as it was during a time when women had little social standing.

Queen Gorgo offers a different choice of leader for Greece besides the Athenian Pericles (appropriate, especially since in later history Sparta and Athens were bitter rivals), and also still gets the regular Greek bonuses: the Hoplite special unit, the special Acropolis district, and Plato’s Republic ability that gives Greece extra policy slots.

Gorgo’s special ability also allows her units to gain culture whenever they defeat an enemy unit, providing a quick path to a culture victory if you decide to go for that. In addition, Civilization 6 has unique civilization and leader bonuses, so you won’t be playing the same kind of Greece if you choose Gorgo as your leader.

Gorgo allows you to play more aggressively as Greece and boost the country’s culture gain, but one of her keys to success is knowing when war and peace are appropriate in different situations. The trailer that shows her off also advocates using “Wars of Liberation” as excuses for war, to give you even more culture.

Civilization 6 will be coming out in only one more week, on October 21, so you won’t have much longer to wait and see the differences between Queen Gorgo and Pericles, or any of the other alternative leaders that you can play in the game.

Civilization 6 will be coming out with a variety of other countries and civilizations, such as England, Germany, Brazil, the United States, Rome, and more, so you’ll have plenty of different civilizations to choose when the game comes out.