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Xbox One Outsells PS4 For Third Month In A Row In United States

Microsoft has announced that Xbox One was the best selling console in the United States in September, citing the date from the NPD Group. The console was also best seller in UK.

If the data from the NDP Group is to be believed than this marks the third consecutive month that Xbox One has been a best selling console in US. While it does comes as a surprise that Microsoft’s console has outsold PS4 in September as the Sony has launched a slimmer version of the PlayStation 4.

However, given that Sony also announced the PlayStation 4 Pro, which will launch on November, there might be a chance that the reason for low sales for PS4 Slim is because gamers are waiting for the release of PlayStation 4 Pro.

Microsoft further claimed that Xbox One has been the only console among the current generation to sell more this September than in September 2015 in US, UK, and Australia. Also there is also Forza Horizon 3 to consider too, as there has been no major first party game releases from Sony in September.

While PlayStation 4 has conquered the market since the beginning of this console generation, Microsoft has been working hard to compete with it. Part of the effort is the backwards compatibility for Xbox One, as Microsoft has brought a tons of Xbox 360 games to its current console like Red Dead Redemption and more.

However, not only Xbox 360 games will be available for the console through backwards compatibility, as Xbox head Phil Spencer recently hinted that it might be possible to release backward compatible original Xbox games on Xbox One.

Also the preview update for Xbox One is also available that fixes some issues with Store, Clubs and more.

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