New Pokemon Sun And Moon Trailer Reveals Type Changing Pokemon, New Trainers And More

Pokemon Sun And Moon is just one month away from launch and The Pokemon Company has been revealing new details about the game. Now the company has released a new Pokemon Sun And Moon trailer showcasing amazing evolution of Pokemon.

The Pokemon Sun And moon trailer showcases Sivally that can change its type depending on certain items. The trailer also reveals the evolved form of Jangmo-o, and this Pokemon evolves into Hakamo-o, which is an Dragon and Fighting type Pokemon with the ability Bulletproof/Soundproof.

Hakamo-o further evolves into Kommo-o which has the same ability and type, and this Pokemon’s unique ability is Clanging Scales.

That is not all, Pokemon Sun And Moon trailer also introduces some new trainers, like Olivia, who is the Kahuna of Akala island. LLima is a trail captain specializing in the normal type Pokemon.

The Pokemon Company has also announced Pokemon Sun And Moon demo, which will be available from October 18, 2016. Not only this, players will also receive a special Pokemon for the demo, Ash-Greninja. This special Pokemon will not be Pokemon Sun And Moon demo exclusive, as it can be transferred to the full version of the game.

Also Pokemon bank will not be available for Pokemon Sun And Moon at launch. A special update will be released next year instead of previously announced autumn which will add Pokemon Bank to Pokemon Sun And Moon.

Nintendo has also revealed Pokemon Sun and Moon 2DS bundles. These bundles will be available on November 23 in Europe, and the game will come pre-installed with the bundles, whether it will be Pokemon Sun or Moon will depend on the bundle.

Pokemon Sun And Moon is set to arrive on November 18, 2016 for Nintendo 3DS and 2DS.