Playstation VR Can Run HDMI From The Xbox One…Badly

Now that the Playstation VR is finally out, people are experiencing another way to experience virtual reality aside from the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. One enterprising Redditor, called Redregeddon, has even discovered that you can use the VR headset as a way to play Xbox One games.

Apparently it’s a simple enough process: all you have to do is plug the headset into the Xbox One, and you’re good to go. However, before you get all excited, you should probably hear Polygon’s side of the story, especially considering that it’s a Playstation device working with an Xbox One.

According to Polygon, using the Playstation VR headset to play Xbox One games is not a stellar experience. By Polygon’s own words, the headset’s video quality is worth than playing it on the television, and the sound quality isn’t much to be desired either (though apparently if you plug headphones into the Xbox One controller’s headphone jack that can be rectified pretty easily.

Don’t think that it’ll be any better of an experience on a PC, either; Polygon said that the computer didn’t even recognize the Playstation VR headset when it was plugged in, and while a report has said that the headset also works with the Wii U, Polygon couldn’t try it out themselves.

If you’ve gotten a Playstation VR and want to use it to play an Xbox One game you can, but you probably won’t enjoy it what with the inferior audio and visual quality. You’re much better off staying with a Playstation for your VR games, and go have fun with the wide variety of Playstation VR games that are likely going to be coming out for the headset in the near future.

Considering all of the different kinds of games already available for it, you’ll probably be able to have a ton of fun with it regardless.