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League of Legends Jungle Will Be Getting New Plants To Help Players

The League of Legends jungle will apparently be getting a bit of an update in the next League of Legends update, giving out special plants that will be in jungle and serve a variety of purposes, such as acting like mines that you’d hit to blow up, which could help you get an enemy off your back.

Previously, jungle in MOBA games have normally been experience grinding spots, allowing you to not only kill enemies for experience but also get buffs from the various camps inside of them. While it’s likely that League of Legends jungle will remain mostly the same, the camps, plants, and variants will undergo a variety of different changes.

According to Riot Games’s Mathias Lehman, the changes will include the jungle camps becoming more randomized, in order to keep players from prioritizing which camps would be better, rather than taking the camps that are closest to them and holding them.

Instead, new items in the jungle will benefit certain characters rather than everyone, forcing these teams to think of which camps they should go for, instead of just taking and sitting on certain powers and buffs.

In addition to the League of Legends jungle adjustments, players can also expect a few update changes in the Masteries section of the game, which still had a number of holes in it that Riot wants to plug. According to Lehman, Riot wants to make the system more satisfying to use, and more specific in what players want to use them for, much like the jungle camps.

All of the changes to the Masteries system and the new League of Legends jungle will be coming to League of Legends after the conclusion of the Worlds 2016 season later this month, so if you’re a League of Legends player you don’t have much longer to wait until the update comes out.