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Sony: God of War 4 Was Designed With Original PS4 In Mind

Ever since God of War 4 made its first appearance at the Playstation conference at E3 2016, it’s been highly anticipated as the continuation to a story that’s been missing from the Playstation lineup for a number of years. However, many people are worried that the Playstation 4 Pro might mean the game suffers on the original PS4.

However, Sony has tried to put down these rumors that God of War 4 will lose quality in graphics from being on the regular Playstation 4, by saying that the game was intended for the console from the beginning of its development. Considering that the Playstation 4 Pro will have better graphics and a higher resolution than the already high-tier Playstation 4, however, you can hardly blame them.

Sony had already said back when the Playstation 4 Pro was being leaked that games on the Pro would be able to be played in either standard resolution or 4K resolution depending on the side of the disk that you put facing the console’s scanner.

Considering what we saw in the game’s E3 presentation, the game’s environments will be of a stunning quality regardless of what console it turns out to be on.

The pine forest that we travel through for most of the game, not to mention all of the particle effects and the glorious vista that we got to see at the end of the demo, all make it hard to imagine how much better the game will even look with the Playstation 4 Pro.

The game being on the regular Playstation 4 (which Sony Santa Monica creative director Cory Barlog said came straight from a regular Playstation 4) will likely ensure that the regular model of the PS4 will be around for a while longer as a more economical option for a gamer that wants a Playstation console but doesn’t have the cash for a Playstation 4 Pro, yet still wants high-quality visuals in a game.