Adam Boyes is at Microsoft to Steal Their Secrets

Remember Adam Boyes? He was the vice president of publishing and developer relations at Sony Interactive Entertainment, but he left due to his will to join indipendent companies.

After that, he became Iron Galaxy’s CEO. Yeah, we are talking of the same Iron Galaxy that made Killer Instinct.

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Now Adam Boyes is back and he has been spotted at Microsoft’s offices claiming to “steal their secrets”. Of course he’s joking but we are courious to see what he has in mind.

However if you don’t know who Adam Boyes is, we can help you remember.

Some months after PlayStation 4 and Xbox One release, Microsoft released a FAQ in which it was told that people should have been connected to the internet 24 hours a day in order to play games. Morover they stated that used games couldn’t have been shared on multiple accounts.

Obviously the net started laughing at Microsoft and the question became even more complicated for them, as some people revealed Microsoft paying the press in order to make Xbox One look like a competitive console.

So the Redmond company changed its mind, assuming that players were now given the possibility to share their retail games with no limits.

If you’re wondering what does Adam Boyes has to do with it, it’s pretty simple. When he was at Sony, he was part of an official advertising in which they made fun of Microsoft, saying that the only thing PS4 users have to do to share games is exchanging them.

This spot was one of the reasons that actually made Microsoft go back on their words.

Anyway, if you haven’t seen the video you can make some laughs as it’s available down here.