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Driveclub VR Launch Trailer Shows the Thrill Behind the Wheel

Even though Driveclub VR hasn’t convinced the press this much, this game could be a huge hit for PlayStation VR. Today Driveclub VR officialy got its release attended by its launch trailer by which you can see how amazing it looks to drive from a different prospective.

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However it seems that Driveclub VR developer Paul Rustchynsky and Codemasters are working together on a brand new IP.

Paul Rustchynsky was part of the Evolution Studios, that reached the fame with racing titles like Motorstorm, DriveClub and WRC. Unfortunately, Evolution Studios has been closed but Codemasters took the occasion and hired most of the staff, including the already quoted Paul Rustchynsky.

This is what Paul Rustchynsky shared about joining Codemasters.

Today I start my new job at Codemasters and get to work on a new racing IP! Excited to finally get started

However even Codemasters seems to be positive about Evolution Studios joining the project and with the sales of F1 2016 going well, things could turn extremely positive for Codemasters. Take a look at what they claimed about their future.

The success of F1™ 2015 and DiRT Rally during the last 12 months has re-positioned the company for growth. The addition of the Evolution Studios to our group will allow us to scale our business and work to reach the world’s premier racing game developer title.

Driveclub VR is already out for Sony’s PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Slim at the price of $39.99 USD, paying half the price if you already own the Season Pass.

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