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There Will Be Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Supply Drops On Release

A significant part of the two latest Call of Duty games was the supply drop, which can give you ammo and cool gear in the middle of a game. In Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare supply drops will be making a return, once again giving you requested gear during games for you to use.

The Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare multiplayer beta trailer that was released several days ago showed how the supply drops would work, and what they could contain. Among other things, Infinite Warfare supply drops can contain a mechanized battle suit, similar to the Goliath Suit from Advanced Warfare.

Other things that can come from supply drops include various guns and other weapons that can help you to better your performance in multiplayer games.

According to a press release from Activision, Infinite Warfare supply drops will allow players to get various rare weapons known as Prototypes, who you can use to craft with Salvage that you get during games, ranking up, or disassembling any duplicate items that you get.

With this salvage you can create four different quality levels of prototype weapons, ranging from Common, to Rare, to Legendary, to Epic. Each of these has its own number of perks that can make the prototype in question a dangerous weapon on the battlefield. For instance, a weapon with the “atomizer strike” perk will allow you to call in a nuke when you get 25 kills.

Players will be able to obtain Infinite Warfare supply drops by exchanging keys with the game’s multiplayer Quartermaster. You can earn these keys by playing multiplayer matches and completing in-game challenges.

With everything we’ve seen so far from Infinite Warfare, it seems like Activision is doing its best to try and make the game seem appealing in light of the bashing the game got on its reveal.