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Xbox One S and Xbox One Scorpio Are Not Attempts To Make More Money

Phil Spencer has spoken out against attempts to portray Microsoft’s release of the Xbox One S and Xbox One Scorpio as attempts for Microsoft to make more money, rather than to simply start evolving the console and being able to reach more gamers with the different designs.

Microsoft both released and announced two different consoles over the last six months, releasing the slimmer Xbox One S model and announcing the Xbox One Scorpio at E3 in a parallel to the Playstation 4 Slim (which will become the console’s standard model) and the Playstation 4 Pro, which will be coming in November.

Considering that Playstation is doing the exact same thing as Microsoft is doing, the insinuation that only Microsoft is doing this for money seems rather ignorant.

Phil Spencer has already said before that the Xbox One S and Xbox One Scorpio are not indications that we would start getting console upgrades closer and closer together (it would impact their business considering that each console costs several hundred dollars), but the Xbox One S and Xbox One Scorpio are two different consoles for two different kinds of gamers.

The Xbox One S is a cheaper alternative to the vanilla Xbox One console, and is not only more portable but also has better graphics, making it a better option for someone that doesn’t want a console taking up much space, or just wants a cheaper version of a console they already like.

The Xbox One Scorpio, however, will be a premium console for a gamer that wants to maximize their 4K with a 4K TV, and a console that can keep up with those graphics.

However it turns out, the Xbox One S and Xbox One Scorpio already show promise, with the Xbox One S getting a good number of sales and a large amount of buzz being generated by the Scorpio, especially since it has greater processing power not just over the Playstation 4 Pro but also over many modern PCs.