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New Pokemon Sun and Moon Screenshots Show Pokemon, Pokemon Center

A number of new Pokemon Sun and Moon screenshots have shown off a few previously-revealed Pokemon, along with a number of different buildings including the interior of the game’s newly-designed Pokemon Center. We also get to see a few frankly adorable screenshots of your character holding Rowlet and Litten.

While the screenshots don’t show us much beyond the insides of a few buildings and some Pokemon battles, they did give us an idea of what the Alola region’s Pokemon Centers will look like when you inevitably go there to heal your Pokemon after a battle.

It’s actually something of a departure, like so many other things in Pokemon Sun and Moon, from the rest of the Pokemon world and its Pokemon Centers. The building’s now circular rather than being square, and in addition to having the Poke Mart on one side of the building (starting at Black and White the Pokemon Center and the Poke Mart were merged into the same building) there appears to be some sort of coffee counter on the other side.

Adding to the new Pokemon Center, the Pokemon Sun and Moon screenshots also show a rather adorable new way of you picking your starter. Unlike previous games, where the starters were all in Poke Balls that you picked, the new starters are actually picked up and held by you (and look utterly adorable while doing so).

We’ve still got a good while until Pokemon Sun and Moon comes out, but in the meantime these screenshots, along with the demo that’s coming out next Tuesday, will likely help to tide us over until the game comes out.

To see these Pokemon Sun and Moon screenshots for yourself, all you have to do is scroll a little way back up the article to see all of the pictures for yourself.