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Pokemon Sun and Moon New Alolan Grimer Shown Off In CoroCoro Magazine

The Japanese magazine CoroCoro has revealed yet another Alola Form from Pokemon Sun and Moon, allowing us to see an Alolan Grimer. This follows the reveals of the last few months, when various new forms of Pokemon from other areas of the Pokemon world have gained new looks in the Alola region.

This new Alolan Grimer not only has a different color scheme compared to a normal Grimer, but also has an extra type added onto it, along with a new look. Instead of the deep purple that the regular Grimer normally has, the Alola variant of Grimer has a mostly black-colored body, and a yellow bottom lip. Its mouth is also home to a pair of buck teeth.

This form of Grimer also is part Dark-type, rather than being a pure Poison type Pokemon. Apparently, the look of the Pokemon is based on coolant or oil leaks, much like the pollution-based background of normal Grimers and their evolved form, Muk.

While it’s likely that Muk will have a similar color scheme to the Alolan Grimer, we can’t relaly be sure until the game comes out, or we get another reveal through CoroCoro before the game comes out in November.

Also included in the article about Pokemon was information about a number of other Pokemon in the game, though it hasn’t necessarily been confirmed yet.

To start with, the Dragon-type Pokemon Jangmo-o evolves into a hybrid Dragon/Fighting type. Type: Null, an artificial Pokemon, also possesses an evolution by the name of Shiruvaldi. Shiruvaldi has a new ability known as “AR System”, which changes its type based on the sort of item it holds.

Pokemon Sun and Moon still has around a month before it comes out on the Nintendo 3DS, but in the meantime Pokemon fans are likely awaiting every scrap of information with eagerness, along with the demo that will be out by next Tuesday.