New Killer Instinct Patch Available, Fixed Glitches

Killer Instinct has received today a brand new patch. This new Killer Instinct patch fixes some glitches, like the dash one that caused players to forward dash when they tried to back dash. Other bugs has been fixed and here you can find the full notes of this patch.

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System Changes:
Fixed a bug where rising from a knockdown and attempting to back dash caused players to forward dash instead.

-Fixed a bug where Aria’s inputs could become reversed after performing Air Crescendo and Shadow Crescendo.

-Fixed a bug where Hisako would perform a forward dash when inputting a back dash following Descent.

-Fixed a bug where the player’s inputs were reversed after a back throw.

However Iron Galaxy has released a new Killer Instinct mode called Shadow Lords.

Shadow Lords mode will let the players handle with Gargos and his evil forces before he manages to conquer the world. To do so, users will have to assemble teams whose characters will be taken from the complete roster of Killer Instinct. Also crafting is a key feature in this mode as playing you’ll receive a lot of stuff. This mode obviously focus on solo players, giving them the occasion to test their skills and see if they got better in playing Killer Instinct.

So if you think to be strong enough to beat Gargos and his dudes, take the pad and start playing!

Killer Instinct is already out for Windows PCs and Xbox One.