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Half Life VR Code Found In Destinations Steam VR App

Some recently leaked code suggests that another Half Life game might be in the works, although it is Half Life VR instead of Half Life 3. Valve News Network reported recently that Half Life VR might be an actual thing and not just rumors floating around.

The video from Valve News Network reminds fans that assets from the original Half Life games were previously used to experiment in VR, after all Valve has its own VR headset named Vive which it made with HTC.

After the early VR experiments, it is unlikely that Valve would completely abandon the project because Half Life is one of their most popular IPs and even went on ahead to spawn the Counter Strike mod which became one of the most popular FPS games on PC.

A Steam VR app, Destinations was also released a while ago and some people started digging around in its files only to discover a project named HL: VR. The code of the project referenced what looked like leftovers from the experimentation with Half Life VR assets.

To further fuel this rumor, one of Destination’s recent update released on 26th September, “leaked” a string which involved Half Life VR references to weapons and other in-game assets.

What’s even more interesting was that this latest string of code was different from the one originally seen by people when they dug around Destination after its launch indicating that someone at Valve is actively working on this project.

The wait for the next Half Life game has been intense and these constant teasers as well as multiple trolling attempts by the gaming community have been cruel on Half Life fans who still refuse to give up on the idea of Half Life 3.

There was even a poster back at Gamescom 2016 which many thought indicated the presence of the game at the event but unfortunately it was just an elaborate troll.