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DICE Explained Battlefield 1 Battlepacks And Crafting System

The release for Battlefield 1 is upon us and DICE has been revealing new details regarding the game to keep the hype going for the game. Battlepacks is one of the system that developers are changing a bit  in the upcoming shooter and now the developers have explained the Battlefield 1 Battlepacks And Crafting System.

According to the developers, Battlefield 1 battlepacks are being simplified to some degree, and now players will only be getting a single type of battlepack while playing. Each battlepack is guaranteed to give players a weapon skin and a chance to also unlock an XP boost or a melee puzzle piece.

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If players mange to collect enough puzzle pieces, this will allow them to essentially craft the melee weapon in question, making it usable in-game.

Furthermore, items will not be restricted to a certain level of Battlepack, as in previous games these were divided in Bronze, Silver and Gold tiers. Also weapon skin or the bonus items which are of no use to the player can be broken down into Scrap, which can be used to purchase more Battlepacks including Enhanced and Superior versions.

The items that will be unlocked through Battlefield 1 Battlepacks will be rotated on regular basis, but the developers did not specified that how often would that happen.

Also achievement list for Battlefield 1 has also been revealed. There are 31 achievements in total for Xbox One users. Players can earn different achievements based on the class they choose such as Scout, Sniper, etc.

Also EA has revealed the Spectator Mode for Battlefield 1, which is a tool to capture in-game videos and screenshots, and will be available for the game at launch.

Battlefield 1 is scheduled to launch on October 21, 2016 for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Those with EA Access will get to play Battlefield 1 on October 13.