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Phil Spencer Suggests Backward Compatible Original Xbox Games For Xbox One Might Be Possible

When asked on Twitter, Xbox head Phil Spencer recently hinted that it might be possible to release backward compatible original Xbox games on Xbox One.

The backward compatibility program on Xbox One has been continuously growing allowing fans to play old Xbox 360 games on their new console and has even helped boost sales considerably so naturally, fans would expect the same feature to be available for the original Xbox console released in 2011.

A Twitter user, James, asked Phil whether it was possible to release backward compatible original Xbox games on Xbox One and if that was on Microsoft’s agenda or not. To this, Phil replied that while it wasn’t totally out of the question, the Xbox division was just not looking into it right now.

If this dream does end up being true, coupled with the Xbox Games with Gold program, many fans who have never experienced games like Fable might finally get a chance.

While Phil chalked off the current non-action to actually not having enough time to look into adding such a feature, with the upcoming 15th Anniversary of Xbox, it might not be too much to hope for some sort of official announcement regarding this.

Seamus Blackley, the creator of the original Xbox also recently had a bit of a throwback moment and asked fans whether they would be interested in buying the original Duke controller if it was made compatible with Xbox One.

Given Microsoft’s efforts to make Xbox One a single gaming platform, especially with their insistence that Project Scorpio is not a next iteration of the console and all current and future games will run on Xbox One, the company might want to look into bringing some of their original games to the new platform, especially those that haven’t been remastered for newer consoles.