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6% of American Population Will Own VR Headsets this Year

VR is a rapidly growing market thanks to the interest shown by industry giants like Sony, Valve, Samsung, HTC, and Oculus.

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Oculus Rift, Valve’s VR headset, and others are out while PlayStation VR is releasing today. Sony hopes to dominate the console space while Valve and Oculus are fighting for the biggest PC market share.

According to market researcher Strategy Analytics, 6% of the American population will own a VR headset this year. The penetration in the United States is high due to plenty of giveaways and promotions for various VR devices in the country.

Penetration in the U.S. is higher than in other countries, partly due to the greater number of headset giveaways to promote the technology,”said David MacQueen, analyst for Strategy Analytics’ global wireless practice, in a statement. “Samsung is giving away lots of Gears with new handsets, Google has given a lot away too, and even the New York Times gave 1.5 million to their subscribers to try out a series of VR documentaries.

Despite the rush of companies eager to jump in, the reality is that VR take-up among the U.S. public will be a slow burn and dominated by low-cost headsets,” said MacQueen. “The VR headset market will be much like the car market — most owning the likes of Fords and Toyotas, a handful owning Porsches, and the odd few splashing out on a Ferrari

The report also mentioned that it would take around 18 months for VR headsets to have the level of “household penetration that Netflix has now.”

Do you plan on picking up a VR device this year?

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